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Here's How to Unlock Your Website's Potential

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Your clients need to know that you're the person who can help them.

Fuse convincing content and brand storytelling to convert leads to clients. Professionally written content is created to target your customer's pain points and keeps them clicking on your website. Customer-centric copy that gets into the shoes of how they think, feel and act will answer their questions, motivate them to act and doesn't waste their time! Position yourself to be found by search engines and beat the competition with keyword rich content that convert leads to clients!

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How's Your Website

Like a limp lettuce? Or a lead generating powerhouse?

An old website needs fresh content to keep it crunchy and avoid the limp lettuce effect! A content refresh supercharges your existing website, updating content for search engines, customers and smart phones! Search engines change, technology advances and attention spans shrink. The move towards mobile viewing means you’ll need to shrink headlines and content for small screen display. Does your website need a content refresh?

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Top Tips To Make
It Crunchy!

Check Out These 6 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Content

Cut the jargon
Write the way you would speak to your customers and leave the jargon for the text books! Writing sticky content that holds the attention of your readers and keeps them engaged on the page takes practise and skill.
Make it searchable
High performing websites have optimised their content for search engines. If your not getting found then your website will stay a secret and you can’t sell a secret!
Get to the point
Be concise you only have 3 seconds of your customers attention, so choose your words wisely! Speak to the needs of your customer and show them how you solve their problem.
Add depth
Your site is ranked based on the written text that Google reads, so be generous and feed Google a healthy portion that tells him how you help people.
Put your reader first
Think about how you read online and then apply this to your website content; page layout, paragraphing, headlines and text segmentation are all key features that need to be considered.
Write to persuade
Every word you include must be purposefully chosen to lead your potential customers on a journey that delivers results for your business. Those results may be buying, enquiring or calling, but you want them to take action!

What’s Your About Page
Really Saying?

Your about page is the 2nd most visited page on your website, make it count with professionally written content!

Your about page is the place to tell your story, share your vision and connect person to person with your customers. Build credibility, increase trust and create a compelling brand bio that makes you memorable. Take your customers on a journey that sells the why of what you do with a professionally written about page

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