How We Work

If this is the first time you’ve worked with a copywriter, you’re not alone! It’s a growing area of expertise that business owners are embracing as the demand for online content increases. We start by taking a creative brief; it’s important for us to understand your marketing goals to help you get more value from your investment. Like a detective, we ask questions about your ideal client, where the copy will be used and what action you want people to take.


How We Charge

When we begin working with you we spend time researching your brand, creating customer personas and seeing who you’re up against in the market. We believe in delivering quality copy that generates sales & conversions. Content mills that charge by the word put quantity above quality - it can take 30 minutes to write 500 average words, or an hour to write a 5 word headline that makes you lots of money! We're happy to write 5000 or 50 words, as long as it achieves results for you! Our pricing reflects 25 years of writing expertise, current content marketing know-how and industry best practise. We charge on a per project basis with personalised quoting and aim to fit your budget.


Why Pay Us to Write Your Copy?

Everyone is gifted in a particular area, whether it’s assembling Ikea furniture or calculating profit and loss, but you’re much more effective when you play to your strengths. Outsourcing to industry specialists takes the pressure off so you don’t have to wear all the hats yourself. When you run your own business it’s hard to get a fresh perspective! You're too close to what you do and it’s hard to see it from your customer's point of view. That’s where we come in, with fresh ideas and communication expertise that makes the phone ring with keen customers.