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November 13, 2017
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Are you suffering from blogging fatigue?

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Are all your best blogs still in your head?

How can ideas flow with ease in your mind, but sound clumsy on the page?

If you’ve tried to write you own blog posts, articles or website copy, you’ll know the maddening feeling of having a great idea that flows perfectly in your head, but sounds lame when you write it down.

Chances are these writing blocks are leaving you frustrated, deflated and infuriated.

I’ve been blogging for over 5 years and have learned to recognise 4 stages of blogging fatigue that creep up on youl! Do you recognise yourself in any of these stages?

4 stages of blogging fatigue:

  • I have an idea
  • This would make a great blog
  • I’m rubbish at writing
  • Who can write my blogs for me?

Lets take a look at each of these…

Blogging Fatigue Stage 1 – I have an idea

Writing may feel as if it happens in your head, and parts of it do, but the ideas that have most clarity or power come from your heart. They formulate from a feeling and need time to percolate to reach full strength.

The trick is knowing how to tap into these ideas, to follow them down the rabbit hole like Alice, and not scare them off.

TOP TIP: Ideas need a place to grow, so keep a note book in your bag, let your mind wander and allow them to flow.

Blogging Fatigue Stage 2 – This would make a great blog

If you skip from idea to blog it’s going to be pretty hit and miss.

Why? Because a great blog post needs more than just an idea – it needs a way of positioning that thought so it helps your reader to solve a problem.

You need to work with the raw idea, to create a plan of how this could help your reader.

And this is where many a great blog post has died a death, getting lost in the eternal planning process never to see daylight again.

TOP TIP: Take your idea and imagine having a conversation with a friend. Play out how that would go, why you’d share it with her and frame it to helps her in some way. Now make a few notes about how it goes. And there’s your blog post plan.

Blogging Fatigue Stage 3 – I’m rubbish at writing

This stage is where the rule driven perfectionist part of your brain takes over and tears the idea to pieces!

You see, when you start writing with this part of your brain switched on you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Why? Because writing needs to flow without judgement to get the best ideas out of your head and onto the page. Writing the first draft is about tapping into that open creative source, saying it how it is and writing like you speak.

TOP TIP: Creating happens in a totally different part of your brain to planning and editing – it comes from your playful, open and curious mind. Block your time to plan and edit and keep it separate from the time when you write and create.

Blogging Fatigue Stage 4 – who can write my blogs for me?

If you’ve reached stage 4 you’re at the end of your tether and your dreams of blogging are becoming dreams of outsourcing.

  • Why should you write your own blogs after all?
  • Isn’t there more important work you need to do?
  • Who reads them anyway?

Consider this – would you ever outsource a conversation with your most valued client?


Blogging is a conversation.

It’s just written down.

Although lots of people do outsource their blogging, I’m not an advocate of this approach for small business, which is why I help with blog writing workshops, inspiration and motivation sessions.

TOP TIP: You’ve got this. Writing’s a process like any other, take some time to learn the skill and apply it. When you blog regularly you gain clarity around how you help your clients, your values and your brand voice. Blogging is building you up for success!

Are you ready to harness the power of the written word?

If you’re feeling blogging fatigue, then re-energise, ignite your purpose and passion at my 2018 workshop. Running throughout January, this is your chance to start the year with credit in the blogging bank!

 Write from the Heart: 3 Step Blogging Blueprint:

  • Allow your words to flow effortlessly onto the page
  • Get blogs get written in record time
  • Feel energised while writing
  • Create conversational blog posts that readers love
  • Write with ease while connecting and collaborating

Write from the Heart: 3 Step Blogging Blueprint combines online learning, a live and interactive workshop and ongoing support to help you write with ease.

Reserve you spot now.

lisaLisa helps consultants, coaches and creatives map their ideas, connect concepts and develop a unique voice that aligns to their values. A natural wordsmith, teacher and speaker, Lisa transforms limp copy into powerful messages that connect people with possibilities. She does this through a suite of heart-centred learning that honours experience, inspires confidence and demystifies copywriting conventions. Her passion for collaboration is grounded in experience and her workshops are renowned for their uplifting effect on mind, body and soul. She can be found enjoying the balmy climate of Perth, writing in the local cafe and connecting globally on Facebook.

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