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Do You Dread Writing Your Bio?

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Here’s A Workshop that Ticks the To-Do List!

I love workshops! As a small business owner I relish the opportunity to learn something new, to meet other entrepreneurs and network. But I walk away feeling that I’ve just spent 3 hours learning how to make more work for myself!

Is my love of workshops leaving me with a sense of overwhelm that means nothing gets done?

My Big Fat To-Do List

The more workshops I attend, (and I’ve been to quite a few) the more hats I find myself wearing when I get home! Social media manager, LinkedIn article writer, book keeper, financial strategist, Facebook advertiser, web designer, publicity hunter…it’s no wonder I’m hearing the overwhelm alarm!!

The Sightly Frazzled Edge of Organised

As a soloist, I’m always living on the slightly frazzled edge of organised, and my love for workshops, training and seminars is at risk of pushing me over the edge!

Too many workshops sees the type of chaos characterised by floor to ceiling post-it notes, half finished cups of tea, orange flashing task reminders and 4123 emails lurking unread!

You’ll find me rocking in the corner, trying to schedule a months worth of Facebook posts!!

Imagine a Workshop Where You Got Stuff Done!

Picture this, attending a workshops where you leave with less jobs than you go in with! A workshop where you get stuff done, there and then! A work-out for your to-do list that leaves it skinny and lean!

Well….(drum roll please) ….I’m excited to share with you a workshop that delivers exactly that!

In response to my own workshop overwhelm and feedback from my mentoring clients (all small business owners,) I’ve developed a hands-on, practical, get-it-done bio writing workshop. The plan is to leave with a first draft of your bio in hand, ready to review in a one-to-one mentoring session the week later and post on line the next day!

Everyone needs a bio, so lets just get it done!

Want to get your bio written?

Enjoy collaborating with other like minded small business owners? Then you’ll love the Business foundations workshop ‘Bios Made Easy’.

When is it?

Thursday 23rd March

What time is it?

9.30am – 12 noon

Where is it?

Terminus Quarters
18 Pakenham Street

Book your spot! 

About Me

I’m an experienced writer, teacher and mentor and Business Foundations presenter. I use simple strategies to guide you through the process of writing your bio, helping you to articulate with clarity and confidence.

I believe that the best results happen you stop simply listening and start doing. That’s why I’m passionate about interaction, collaboration and engagement.  Learning sticks when you make connections, neurologically and socially! And sticky learning translates into skills that you remember, apply and own.

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