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July 14, 2017
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Blogging Basics – what is it and why should I care?

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What is a blog?

Although it often seems as if everyone knows what a blog is, I can  reassure you that blogging is a confusing term for lots of business owners. If you’re mystified with blogging and feel a tiny bit silly asking questions then this series of blog basics is designed for you. Lets kick-off with the word blog…

Where does the word blog come from?

The word blog is a hybrid. It developed from the term web-log and morphed into the word blog.

The humble blog began it’s life as a form on online journal, it presented writers with a very personal medium for sharing thoughts, information and opinions. Travel blogs are a great example of where the blog is personal as it describes your holiday, informative; letting other travellers know what was great or what sucked, and how much you enjoyed it (or not)! This is where I wrote my first blog at Speedykniebe while we travelled Australia!

How has blogging changed?

While the basic purpose of a blog still holds true, blogging has evolved into a more complex vehicle of expression outside of the personal sphere.

Today when you hop onto google to research how to make a Carbonara or which is the best lawnmower to buy you will find a blog post listed in the search results. Blogs represent every interest from modelling paper planes to beauty and recipes. It helps to imagine a blog as a collection of articles under a common theme written in an informal tone, by someone who is a subject matter expert (or simply has personal interest in the topic).

Why do businesses have blogs?

Savvy businesses blog at least once a week for a few reasons, the main being to educate potential clients about their products.

So when you are looking to see which camera to buy, your search terms will pull up their products and they wow you with their amazing content about cameras. Blogs are almost always free, because their purpose is to educate and entertain, with the long term the objective being to build a trusted relationship with you, the consumer. That means when you are ready to make that purchase, sign-up to that cause or share some information on Facebook they are already pre-filtered in your brain as an authority source.

Long live the blog!

Blogging really has placed the opportunity to showcase passion, authority and experience into the hands of everyday people. A word of caution though, anyone can start a blog and with a few tech savvy skills it can look highly polished and professional. However, they are not necessarily qualified to give advice or make recommendations, they are simply stating their opinions based on experience and (sometimes) research.

The emphasis is on YOU the consumer to read critically and evaluate the authenticity or credibility of the author before you act on their advice!

Want to learn more about blogging?

Check in  for part 2, How to Master the Art of Purposeful Communication Using a Blog…

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