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January 10, 2017
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The Secret Recipe for Developing Your Perfect Persona.

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Known interchangeably as your ideal client, customer avatar or target persona, your business success depends on how well you know this imaginary individual! But how do you get started? Is there a recipe for developing the perfect persona? Read on to discover the secret ingredients for an awesome avatar.


21 Essential Ingredients

Your ideal customer avatar needs to be believable.

Know their secrets like a BFF, understand them like their mother and know their passions like a lover. In fact, the secret to creating the perfect avatar is to know them better than they know themselves!

Here’s the secret ingredients:

  1. Name – give your avatar a believable name
  2. Cultural heritage – are they migrants? What are their traditions? Is English their 2nd language?
  3. Age – how old are they?
  4. Generation – what are their generational values? Baby Boomers think differently to Gen Y!
  5. Location – where do they live? Postcode is still the biggest indicator of success!
  6. Relationships –  are they married? Single? Dating? Think Facebook Relationship Status!
  7. Kids – do they have any? If yes, names, ages and temperament. If no – do they want any? Are they trying?
  8. Extended family -Where are their parents? Do they see them often? Do they look to them for advice?
  9. Career – what do they do for a living? Why? Do they love it or loathe it? Any regrets? Ambitions?
  10. Transport – what car do they drive? Who chose it and why? Do they use public transport? When & why?
  11. Pets – do they have pets? What kind? If no, why not?
  12. House & home – are they house proud? Status conscious? DIY enthusiasts? Renovators?
  13. Favourite TV shows – do they watch TV? What do they watch? When do they watch it?
  14. Leisure time – what do they do when they’re not working? Describe a typical weekend.
  15. Social media – what social platforms do they use? When? What for?
  16. Devices –  what are their preferred devices? Mobile, tablet or desktop? Why?
  17. Zodiac sign – what’s their star sign? Do they read their own horoscope? Are they typical of their birth sign?
  18. Dreams of – what’s their dream for the future? What do they long to be doing in 5 years time?
  19. Worries about – what keeps them awake at night? What do they fear? Why?
  20. Social perception – how do they want to be perceived by others? Why is this important to them?
  21. Soul searching – what drives them? Why? What do they believe about their self worth? Why?

Does That List Look Daunting?

When I first started creating avatars I felt at a loss to answer even a handful of those questions!

Want to know how I overcame this mental blank?

The trick is to draw on the people around you! All the information you need is right in front of you; your customers, your friends, your family, your wider network and of course Google! You just have to tune in to the conversations, on and off-line, think about your own experience and build your avatar one step at a time.

Bringing Your Avatar to Life

Anyone watch West World? Your avatar is like that, only less creepy!

Your avatar is a character you bring to life; you want to know their story, their motivations and their feelings!

Why? Because when we make purchase decisions, a huge range of factors influence our choices and the better you understand those influences the more targeted your marketing can become!

Let’s Bring It Back to Handbags!

If you know me, you’ll know I love handbags! (And I can always find a way to mention handbags, like in this  bio post!)

Think about designer label handbags. Why would you spend your hard earned $$ on a Guess handbag over a K-mart handbag? Before making that purchase you’ve made a series decisions about what you value, how you want to be seen and how that bag will make you feel.

As a business owner who sells handbags, I need to understand the range of emotions you feel when choosing a bag. When I know how you feel, I can find the words to connect with you. I can then find the perfect time and place to engage with you. Ultimately, I can move you from desire to delight with a purchase.

That’s the power of an avatar.

Real Life Relationships

In real life we always want to get to know people before we let them into our lives. Your customer avatar is going to make a massive difference to you life; they’re the person who can make your business a roaring success! Don’t you think it’s worth spending some time getting to know them?

Why Is An Avatar Essential For a Copywriter?

Writing is about connecting to people personally, and that’s only possible if you know who your talking to! As a professional writer I create an avatar before I start writing any copy, that’s an essential part of my process. If your struggling to create a believable avatar then drop me a line and we can chat.

Need help creating your avatar?

Download the BONUS Avatar Worksheet (no opt-in required!)

P.S. Have you been following the website planning blog series? This post is the next instalment, know who your talking to!



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