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Blogging Basics – what is it and why should I care?
August 17, 2017
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Are you suffering from blogging fatigue?
November 22, 2017

Who else is struggling to get their blog posts written?


How are you going with your blogging this year?

Nightmare? I totally feel your pain…

If you’re anything like me you started the year with a heap of great ideas, a plan to write a blog post each week that soon changed to each month and now it’s tumble weed!

How does this happen to intelligent, articulate women who love to write?

What’s going on?

It’s a conversation I’ve had with countless entrepreneurial friends who have their own successful businesses. They’ve got something to share and believe their blogs should be a personal, authentic expression of their voice, ideas and personality, but it’s just not happening!

As a copywriter I believe in leading by example and that leaves me feeling out of sorts when to comes to blogging. If I can’t get my own blog posts written, how can I expect others to listen to me, learn from me and be inspired by me! It makes me feel icky and out of alignment with my values, like a fake.

And there’s the rub…

When you don’t give your business the voice it deserves it leaves you feeling like an imposter.  It’s as if the silence says you’re a fake, that you walk the walk, but can’t talk the talk. And that feeds the hungry self-doubt monster lurking just beneath the surface of your confidence. (I’m thinking of the cover of that dodgy croc movie Rogue!)

Anyway, forget the croc…

Why are perfectly capable women doing this to themselves? Setting up for failure by planning a heap of amazing blog posts that never get written? Then spending the year beating themselves up, feeling frustrated and off-track?

Where’s this blog resistance coming from?

  • Self-discipline?
  • Time?
  • Fear?


Self-discipline is a mindset thing – we’re resistant to doing the things we see as chores. And for most people writing feels like a chore, a job that has to be done. And so, it follows you need self-discipline to do it.

But do you have to see a blog as a chore?

What if blogging was simply a conversation with a friend…

Not enough time

Are you like me, guilty of saying you don’t blog because there’s not enough time? Do you make time to do all sorts of other things instead of blogging…

  • Like commenting on social media?
  • Browsing Facebook?
  • Reading other people’s blogs…(which of course make you feel really crappy because they’ve a) written a blog b) got something worth saying and c) people are reading it!)

And now we’re getting to the heart of the matter…


Is fear holding you back?

  • Fear of not having anything original or interesting to say?
  • Fear that no-one will want to read it anyway?
  • Fear that you’ll sound crap and look stupid?
  • Fear of speaking your truth and being vulnerable?
  • Fear that you can’t sound real and authentic in writing?

I know that I’m fearful of putting the real me into my writing. As a copywriter I’m always cloaked by someone else’s brand, voice or ideas. And it’s comforting, safe and keeps me hidden.

Is it the same for you?

Is it time to find your voice?

Right now, I find myself at the back end of the year with scant few blog posts to my name and I know what’s holding me back:

  • Mindset – I see blogging as something that needs discipline like a chore
  • Time – I’m choosing other things above blogging
  • Fear – I’m afraid to be me in my writing

How can you beat this blogging block?

Here’s how I’m beating my blogging block…

I’m recalling a recent conversation with a friend, then without thinking too much, writing it down.


Before my mind notices!

You see, once you reframe blogging as a conversation, all expectations, rules and perfectionism drops away.

It’s just a chat.

And a chat means you’re not raising yourself up as an authority, but sitting beside a friend, cuppa in hand at the kitchen bench, swinging your bare feet.

You can do that.

I did. And you’re reading the result.

What do you think are your biggest blogging blocks? I’d be honoured if you’d share your thoughts in the comments…



Lisa helps consultants, coaches and creatives map their ideas, connect concepts and develop a unique voice that aligns to their values. A natural wordsmith, teacher and speaker, Lisa transforms limp copy into powerful messages that connect people with possibilities. She does this through a suite of heart-centred learning that honours experience, inspires confidence and demystifies copywriting conventions. Her passion for collaboration is grounded in experience and her workshops are renowned for their uplifting effect on mind, body and soul. She can be found enjoying the balmy climate of Perth, writing in the local cafe and connecting globally on Facebook.

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