How to tell your brand story
Here’s how to tell your amazing start-up story with confidence and clarity…
June 18, 2018

Here’s why your business starts with your story

how to tell your story, what is cornerstone content

Telling your story is all well and good, but how does it benefit your business?

As a marketing strategist and copywriter I’ve come to understand the importance of your story in every aspect of your marketing.

Your story is the cornerstone content of your business.

Why? Becuase it runs through everything.

From your website to your LinkedIn profile, your sales pages to your Facebook posts,  your story is the secret ingredient that makes your marketing unique.

It goes under many names, origin story, business story or start-up story, but it defines the foundation of your brand.

And it all begins with you.

27 websites later and there’s one BIG take away…

I’ve written a lot of copy, from website to business awards, there’s one eternal truth: people are drawn to YOU.  It’s your ability to express:

  • personality
  • charisma
  • warmth
  • authenticity
  • vulnerability

That inspires your clients to read, connect and engage with your services.

And you’d be surprised what a natural storyteller you are…

Think of the last family BBQ, Christmas gathering or girls night out. The stories you tell, (and hear) roll of the tongue without agonising over a first-draft! You’re wired for storytelling…so why is it so hard to build it into your marketing copy?

As a creative entrepreneur, you have to put yourself out there all the time. But often you’re more comfortable presenting the ‘sanitised’ version of yourself, than the real, messy and socially awkward version of yourself!

It’s scary opening up…

And that’a why telling your story is such a pain point.

You won’t believe what a huge response the Story Workbook has had, (if you missed it see this post). In it, I give you the 3 structures that I’ve used to find my own story.

My struggles with story telling…

I’ve been struggling to tell my story since starting in business 3 years ago. Why? Becuase my journey felt clumsy and chaotic, I couldn’t make sense of it myself, so what hope did others have!

And that’s why I developed some simple story structures that helped me get a handle on it.

how to tell your story


So here goes…my story

I use the power of words to help women in business create change, find their story and have the confidence to be true and present in their marketing messages.

What may surprise you is that my entrepreneurial journey began on a remote dirt road in the Kimberly 4 years ago.

At 42 I’d had 2 successful careers, been a stay at home Mum and moved half way round the world, yet I was eternally restless.

3 months on the road and 15,000km later I found myself at a crossroads…

Return to teaching or start again?

I’d gone into teaching to ‘settle down’ and find my job-for-life, but on the road, I’d rediscovered my first love – writing.

There was no going back…

With no plan, no business-sense and no money, I jumped in!

Stella Polaris was born from a desire to seek the truth from within, light the way for others and lead with love. It’s tested me, from owning who I am to discovering what I stand for, Stella Polaris has challenged and changed me.

So, what do I believe now and always?

Words can change your world.

And it’s my gift to tune in, listen and find your true message. In coaching, teaching and writing, I help you find the words that bring confidence and clarity to your work and create positive change in the lives of others.

This is the work I was born to do.

Want to explore your story?

Get your free copy of the Story Workbook here.


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