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February 8, 2017
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Are You a Husband Who Needs Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Message?

Valentines day advice for husbands from Stella Polaris Copywriting

Whether it’s a text, card or email, the right words go a long way on Valentines day! If you want a few tips to get it right for the woman in your life, then read on.

1.Write something!

Your wife might have agreed that Valentines day is a commercial gimmick, but  she’s never going to be disappointed if you take the time to create a personal message that is meaningful to her.

2.Keep it original

Does your wife keep all the little treasures that the kids made in Kindy and Preprimary? If that’s a yes, then she’s a woman who is touched by acts of personal service. Your genuine effort to make her something will be more meaningful than an expensive gift, (not to say you can’t do an expensive gift as well!).

3.Make a jar of compliments

Brainstorm all the positive loving things you could say to your wife on a sheet of paper. Try to come up with 31, so that there’s one for everyday of the month. In your own handwriting, write each compliment on a separate piece of paper and fold it in half.

Find a jar or container and put them inside. To add the finishing touches visit spotlight and add something pretty, like flowers, confetti or sparkles and mix it up together. Stick a label on the jar, something like;

I know you don’t always see yourself the way I do, so here’s 31 things I love about you.

4.Write a book dedication 

If she’s a book lover, then gift her a book with a personal message inside the cover , it’s a keepsake that she can hold onto for years to come.

5.Hide notes

Want a fun and quirky Valentine’s surprise? There’s nothing more exciting than finding an unexpected message to brighten your day. To make this one a success, think about her morning routine, what does she do first? In our house I head straight for the kettle to make tea, so a note in with the tea-canister would be a fantastic surprise on Valentines morning!

6.Recount memorable moments

If you’re someone who’s not comfortable with love messages, or compliments then another way to express how much you care is to recount memorable moments that you’ve shared. ‘Firsts’ are always a good place to start, as they stand-out for both of you. It might go something like this:

Remember the first time we camped in the wilderness? All night you were listening to the branches crack, the animals scamper and cursing the decision to stay there. I was trying to seem like the big man, but was secretly crapping myself too! Looking forward to all the adventures still to come.



Cards are still a firm favourite, but even if you feel the printed verse says it all, it doesn’t!

Adding a personal message is everything! If you’re stuck talk about the dreams you share or the promises you’ve made for the future. If you’re really lost for words, use a love quote that resonates with you, but please, write it in your own handwriting to make it even more personal.

If you found this post helpful, then share the love!

P.S. If you know my husband, make sure he reads it!!


  1. Fantastic ideas- am going to leave them ‘accidentally ‘ lying around for my partner to read!

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