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The Secret Life of Lisa; a Journey Beyond Words.

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When people ask me what I do I’ve become adept at finding a hundred and one ways to avoid saying copywriter! Why? Because I get a blank stare or a question about downloading movies! So to my friends, family and a colleagues this post is for you; what does a copywriter do?

In essence:

I use words to gain a profitable result for my clients!

In even less words:

I write stuff that sells things!

So now we’ve got that out of the way, lets get onto the interesting stuff – the journey into copywriting.

Why Do We Take Innate Talents For Granted?

When you grow-up with an innate talent with words, it becomes like breathing; automatic and unconscious. You take it for granted. I’ve been a a storyteller since I learned to talk, but it’s only in the last year that I’ve realised that not everyone does this!

I’ve been the go-to person for poems, eulogies and cover letters for 30 years, but I always thought I was asked because they knew I enjoyed it, not because they couldn’t write it themselves!

I have had a champion though, a steadfast supporter who has always told me I had a gift. But a closed mind only hears what it want to hear, and it was easy to dismiss this as flattery.

So 43 years passed and restlessly I moved in and out of professions; nursing, teaching, recruitment. Feeling a calling but never quite finding my niche; as a nurse I wrote the best care plans, as a teacher my students excelled in writing (not so much at maths!) and as a recruiter I wrote amazing ads!

Old School Web Log

But it wasn’t until I started blogging at SpeedyKniebe that I began to feel the words were calling me.

We took 3 months out from work and school to travel the top half of Australia and I started a web journal. This was old-school blogging, documenting our journey for friends and family who couldn’t reach us. It was as I started to choose blogging above the swimming pool, that I realised it’d got under my skin.

On our return I knew I had to continue, and mummy2mum was born to explore the transition into parenting teens. This was a time of connection and growth; I started to see the potential to make writing part of my future.

Travelling From Blogging to Copywriting

What do you call yourself if you get paid to write? A copywriter!

I did some research, trained under Bernadtte Schwerdt and jumped in the deep end!

This is pretty rare for me, as I love to collect qualifications and certificates! But this time I knew I had to have the courage to carve my own path.

Courage, Commitment and Self-belief

I’ve had a grow a pair to survive this last year!

It’s taken a heap of courage to put myself out there as a copywriter and believe I have what it takes! I’ve doubted myself, questioned my ability and wanted to curl up and hide at times. But deep down I knew I was carving a path that was mine to walk, and I committed heart and soul.

The self-belief has trickled in.  I’ve realised my talent for words is often instinctive, it’s hard to quantify, but my clients love it. And I’ve been able to understand the value I add to their business, when their website gets traffic, their phone starts ringing and their business grows.

I’m a Copywriter

Writing is about people, and people I know well. Nurse, teacher, recruiter, mother…

…wordsmith, strategist, storyteller.

I write marketing copy that helps businesses grow – whether that’s growing your sales, your reputation or your customer base.

And I love it!

Are you following your heart and doing something you love? Share your journey in the comments.


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