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Wish Someone Would Write
Blog Posts for You?

Ghost blogging gives you all the benefits of a blog without any of the writing pain!

We write blog posts for busy business owners who know the benefits of blogging but don’t have time to do it themselves. From finance to fitness, we’ve written 100s of blog posts that educate, inform and entertain audiences. Whether you want informative content that positions you as an authority in your field or entertaining content that raises brand awareness, our ghost blogging sets you apart from your competitors. You can get as involved as you want; some clients like to have a goal like ‘build our email list’ or ‘increase our website traffic,’ others want to educate their market about their services. Whatever your needs we can write blog posts that your customers will love.

Help me write my blog!

Want To Fill Your Database
With Qualified Leads?

We can help you to create irresistible opt-in offers like eBooks, white papers and templates.

Blogging is a powerful tool to attract qualified leads to your website. Entice them to opt-in to your email list with a winning offer that really adds value to their lives. We create buyer personas and target your blog posts to meet their needs. This means readers who opt-in to your database are giving you permission to communicate with them via their inbox! Email marketing is still the most effective channel for starting conversations with prospective buyers and converting them to customers. Your blog is influential in building your database, so get professionally written blog posts to convert leads to clients!

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You Go!

6 Tips to Boosting Your Blog Posts

Target keywords
Improve your SEO by targeting separate keywords for each post. Search engines are greedy for fresh content and blogs are an affordable way to generate relevant information that drives traffic to your website.
Start conversations
Think of your blog as a conversation with a prospective customers; help them to learn about your business and get to know what you stand for.
Raise brand awareness
Promote your blog on social platforms to communicate your brand message. Your customers need to build a relationship with you and your blog is a perfect place to start.
Solve problems and build trust
Use your blog to show how you help customers to solve their problems and build customers trust over time.
Establish your authority
When you publish content you are positioning yourself as an authority in your niche, be the leader people are looking for and build credibility in your field.
Create sharable content
Blogs provide you with an opportunity to share fresh, original content on social media. Increase engagement, sharing and drive traffic to your website through social channels.

Guest Posts That Get
You Noticed!

We write to get you published on high authority sites that will boost your credibility and SEO.

Lets be honest, guest posting is hassle for busy business owners! That’s why we identify opportunities, manage submission deadlines and craft an irresistible post that fits with the tone and topics of your chosen site. If you don’t have a bio we can take care of that too, ensuring that your business benefits from the exposure without wasting your valuable time with the details of writing.

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