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Here’s How We Can Help With Your Award Submission!

Want Help Writing Your
Award Submission?

Take the pressure off, let us craft a professionally written award submission for you!

As an official mentor for the Peel Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards our assistance has helped small business owners stand out in their category. It's not just professional writing that helps our clients become winners, but the fresh perspective a communications specialist brings to their business. We make sure your award submission tells the story of your business in a persuasive and engaging way and captivates the attention of the Judges.

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Want to Plan Your Next
Award Submission?

We’ll help you to identify, plan and build your portfolio of evidence for your next award.

Your first award submission is a stepping stone on the winding road to winning! If you didn’t make finalist or missed out on the big win, then an independent pair of eyes is just what you need. We review your previous award submissions, find areas for improvement and set about creating a compelling case for your next submission. We help you to find suitable awards to enter, from industry specific to local and national business categories, there’s always another opportunity just around the corner! Walt Disney famously said: “The difference in winning and losing is most often…not quitting!” We’ll help steel your determination and set your course for success!

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Wondering Why You Should
Enter an Award?

6 Reasons You Should Enter the Next Business Awards!

Attract success
The law of attraction says you must project the success you know you deserve! Believe you can win these awards and attract the growth you want to achieve.
Enjoy free publicity
Industry awards and local Chambers promote the businesses who enter their awards, so capitalise on the opportunities for free publicity and let your business shine.
Celebrate your wins
It’s easy to get so focused on the day to day running of a business that you forget to celebrate the little wins! Business awards are a great opportunity to shine a light on your success and enjoy a moment of glory.
Raise the bar
Businesses only grow as quickly as you, so raise the bar and strive to be the best you can be. Business awards give you a reason to pause, reflect and assess your direction, plan for the future and measure your growth from a big picture perspective.
Enjoy bragging rights
Build credibility with the bragging rights to say you were a finalist, runner-up or winner! Being an award winning business is powerful social proof that’ll convince your customers to choose you above your competitors.
Party like a star!
Bring along your friends and family and enjoy a gala awards night! It’s an opportunity to network, celebrate and feel connected to your local business community.