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Here's how I help you feel fearless on Facebook

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Let me add a dash of personality to your profile!

Stand out with a personlity rich, authentic LinkedIn profile written to sound like the real you (not the robot you). Your LinkedIn profile is based on telling your story with honesty, wisdom and inspiration. From here you'll be able to re-purpose this across your bios and website about page. Your profile summary is just the first step to standing out on LinkedIn, I can help you write your career history in an engaging and entertaining way to avoid CVitis that makes your readers eyes glaze over.

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Frustrated with Facebook?

Let me show you how it can work for you.

Facebook should be fun, for you and your readers, so if you're feeling frustrated and irritable wiht the platform, it's probably showing in your posts. I'll help you to set some goals for Facebook, find strategies that will work for you and create a content plan. From here you can go it alone or hand that baby over to me! I'll create fun, enaging and relevant posts for your page or groups, so you show up on social consitently, with interesting tips and on-brand messaging.

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