6 Tips To Create Original Copy

That Clients (And Search Engines) Love!

Getting A New

The you'll need clear, concise and creative copy that enhances design

When it comes to writing your own website copy, most business owners know what they want to say, but can't put it into words. And that's where I come in. As a natural wordsmith I'm a master at weaving your message into a convincing story that clearly lets your customers know what you do and why they need it. And let's not forget your copy needs to please the Godfather of search, Google! Let me help you to get found and stand out from the competition with keyword rich copy that takes clients from 'Hmm, maybe...' to 'Yes! Take my money!'

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How's Your Website

Like A Limp Lettuce? Time to Get A Review!

If you have an existing website, chances are it's not meeting expectations and that could be down to your copy. I'll review your website using my 5 P process that ensures your strategic objectives are kept top of mind. If I find areas for improvement, then the next step is a copy re-fresh, it's amazing what some new headlines, formatting and re-working can achieve! Copy isn't a static thing, as business changes, technology advances and attention spans shrink, your copy needs to be reviewed, updated and refreshed. Ask how a copy review can help your business.

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What To Expect When You
Work With Me

My 6 step process

Gather Information
Step #1: You'll receive a short questionnaire to establish the kind of help you need and give me some background information. It helps here if you can tell me who we're talking to (your target market) and what you're hoping to achieve with my help, e.g. website enquiries, credibility building or market education.
Provide A Quotation
Step #2: Based on the information you provide I'll create an estimate for your project. I have three levels of service: EXCLUSIVE COPYWRITING, where I write for you, COLLABORATIVE COPYWRITING, where I work with your raw material and COPY MENTORING where I guide you to learn the skill to write your own copy.
Research Your Market
Step #3: Once we've agreed a the quote and the deposit is paid work begins on your project. It all starts with research, understanding who your clients are, what they're saying and how they see their problem. From here I move to competitor research to understand how to position you differently. Finally I'll look into market trends in your industry to understand current developments.
Find The Big Idea
Step #4: This crucial step sets your copy apart and is often overlooked by more junior writers. Finding the big idea is about looking for the theme or the golden thread that runs throughout your messaging. In essence the big idea is your unique point of difference, articulated in a way which engages your market and helps you find your brand voice.
Write, Edit and Polish
Step #5: This is where the writing begins...yes, it's pretty late in the process! That's because professional copywriters know high quality copy is a process that takes deep knowledge of your market, customers and USP before they put fingers to the keyboard. It's here that I'll create a first draft, refine it, edit and polish it before you see it and approve it.
Deliver And Delight
Step #6: This is the part you've been waiting for, your copy is approved, you LOVE it and it's ready to go to your web developer to be uploaded into your website. At this point I'll ask you for feedback to ensure my systems and processes are working well. I'll invite you to stay in touch, because copy isn't something that's done, it's always evolving just as you are.

What’s Your About Page
Really Saying?

Your about page is the 2nd most visited page on your website, make it count with professionally written content!

Your about page is the place to tell your story, share your vision and connect person to person with your customers. Build credibility, increase trust and create a compelling brand bio that makes you memorable. Take your customers on a journey that sells the why of what you do with a professionally written about page

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