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Shut-up and Take My Money

Discover How the Psychology of Influence Leaves Customers Thanking You for Their Invoice!

Have you ever thanked someone for charging you?

I know it sounds crazy, but only last week I was relieved to discover that I’d been billed $389!


Because of the law of contrast…

Let me set the scene. A few weeks ago I was checking emails in the camp kitchen in Exmouth, making lunch before heading out for an afternoon of snorkelling and fishing. Between a peanut butter sandwich and chilli-philly wrap an email pinged in…

A declined payment!

I don’t know about you, but this brings me out in a cold sweat!

It means I’ve muddled the maths again and now nothing adds up! A few mental calculations later and I had that sinking feeling…I must be seriously over-spent if this had bounced. My mind’s ticking…if that bounced what else is going to be declined? When a second email pinged in:

“I apologise for the below email. you have not had a direct debit declined. What the email should have said is… blah blah blah music fees… blah blah please pay $389…”


Would you believe that owing the extra $689 was actually a relief!!

In fact, I was so relieved I wrote back and thanked her!!

What kind of psychological-magic is at work here?

And wouldn’t it be good if you could make it work for your business!

It’s the principle of contrast and it works like this…

When you present 2 options they will be viewed in comparison to each other.

Sounds obvious?

But the effect this has is miraculous!

Take my email, the payment request went from a burden to a blessing because it was contrasted to a worse scenario (the declined payment).

Imagine your customers thanking you for your fees!!

Seen the KFC advert…

“Shut up and take my money!”

Wouldn’t that be nice…

Applying Contrast to Your Business

When you apply the principle of contrast to business it creates a significant change in the mindset of your customers. Present the less palatable option first, and your second option will automatically feel better.

You’ll see it at work everywhere:

  • On sales pages -where the price of $2993 pops-up before the real price of $497.
  • In presentations -where the usual cost is $997 but today for those in the room it’s $397!
  • In workshops – where the premium package of $30k per month is presented followed by the $5K per month that’s got less features but is the real money maker!!

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Look out for the contrast principle, it’s alive and well across the marketing and sales landscape!

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