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Shocking as it may seem, wine is good for your marketing!

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What have wine and marketing got in common?

They’re my two favourite things!!

So it’s a match made in heaven when I get to combine them hence this post – I’ve always found inspiration in a glass of wine but didn’t expect to find these 4 marketing tips at the bottle-o!

Dan Murphy’s recently opened in my town and it’s taken my weekly trip to the bottle shop to a whole new level! But with it comes a first world problem, how do you choose?

Imagine for a moment it’s Friday night and you’re choosing a bottle of wine to enjoy. What’s influences your decision? Is it:

·      The pretty label?

·      The grape?

·      The region?

·      Or the medal?

Marketing Tip #1 –The Pretty Label

Labels are important!

In a single image wine draws you in, saying party animal, girl’s night out, romantic evening in, sophisticated and suave or serious wino! That little label, (no bigger than a sheet of loo roll) works it’s socks off to seduce you so you reach for the bottle.

A good label speaks to who this wine is for…

And that’s exactly what your images should do too! On your social media, website and email marketing, make sure the images you’re using are making the most of the exposure they’re getting.

We’re a visual nation…so tell it with pictures first.

Marketing Tip #2 – The Grape

Now, this is the what of wine…

What grape is it? (And do we care?)

Wine buyers aren’t loyal to a grape, but the results it delivers. Remember, grapes are the feature, not the benefit.

What can the grape teach you in your marketing? Don’t focus on features, your customer is buying the result it’ll give them!

Marketing Tip #3 –The Region

Wine connoisseurs it’s time for you to look away, but when it comes to the region does anyone really give a flying fox where it’s from?

Will it taste good? Yes…then I’ll have it.

The business lesson here…

When it comes to your business location, it’s only relevant if it makes a difference to the quality of your customers’ experience.

It’s not where you are but why it matters that’s important!

Marketing Tip #4 – The Medal

Those gold shiny medals that wine bottles wear, now they matter…but not for the reason you think!

As humans, we’re totally obsessed with winning! From sports day medals to Olympic medals, we love a winner.

And so when a wine wins a medal it catches our eye (and our imagination).

Why? Because in a world of mistrust, scams and misrepresentation, medals bring a third-party authority. It’s literally the ‘stamp of approval’ that endorses your credibility.

The trouble is, do these medals really mean anything?

When you consider that 490 golds, 2,110 silvers, 3,426 bronzes and 3,668 commendations were handed in out in the International Wine Challenge alone, you’ll realise probably not a whole lot when it comes to wine!!

But what about business?

Third party proof is very powerful and winning awards, accolades and medals brings trust, credibility and confidence to your business.

But like all things, be discerning about the awards you go for.

Entering awards is likely an area of your marketing that’s neglected. But it’s a great way to set yourself apart!  You’ll be surprised how quickly you can stand out from the competition with a simple strategic plan that sets goals to enter awards, re-purpose content and shine brighter than the rest.

Feeling inspired? Time for a glass of wine to celebrate!

Lisa is Perth’s favourite business award coach, mentor and submission writer. If you want help planning an award strategy then drop her a line –  

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  1. Excellent analogy Lisa, you whetted my appetite at the start and held my interest to an ‘award-winning’ finish!

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